Frequently Asked Questions

These are our most frequently asked questions.  We update this page regularly as we receive more inquiries.

I want to obtain my concealed carry handgun permit - what do I need to do before taking the class?

Our class satisfies concealed carry requirements for both North and South Carolina, so you will want to have your driver’s license up-to-date with your current address (you will not need this for class but you will when you submit your application with your county’s sheriff’s department). We encourage everyone pursuing their concealed carry permit to first take our Handgun 1: Fundamentals and Youth Safety courses, for a proper introduction into safe practices regarding firearms, basic shooting skills, and safety in relation to minors. If you have already taken these courses, or have sufficient proficiency in these areas, you can choose from our available courses on the Calendar page and select the date and time which works best for you. We will provide all of the materials you need, from coursebook, firearm rental, hearing and eye protection, targets, range time, and 30 rounds of ammunition for the shooting qualification. There is a written test at the end of the 8-hour instruction.  If you have your own firearm and ammunition for the qualification, we can discount the total price.

How much time do you have from the time I receive my certificate, to apply to the Sheriff’s office online?

We recommend that you apply for your CCH permit with your local Sheriff’s office within 90 days of completing the course. There is no specified limit; however, Sheriffs have been known to force applicants to retake the course after 90 days, while some have accepted certificates as much as a year later. You must apply at the Sheriff’s office in the county in which you reside. In Mecklenburg County, you must go online here. You would enter the certificate number that you received from us. Next, you will pay $95 to the state. If you are an NC resident, currently you can travel to SC and 36 other states with reciprocity for your concealed carry permit. You will be responsible for following the conceal carry laws of each state.  You can go to the NCDOJ webpage here to get official up to date information about state reciprocity.

I would like to purchase a firearm from Black Diamond.  What do I need?

If you are a North Carolina resident, you will need either your NC purchase permit (for handguns) or a Concealed Carry Permit, and a Driver’s License with your current address (and a change-of-address form if you recently updated address). For a rifle, you need an up-to-date Driver’s license and pass the background check. There are restrictions regarding selling firearms to residents of certain states, some which would require us shipping the firearm to an FFL in your state of residence.

Do you offer private classes outside of the Black Diamond Headquarters?

Yes, if you have six or more people we can come to you.  We can do 1-on-1 classes if schedules permit, however the cost would be significantly higher.  Please contact us for more details. Our classes are typically taught in the Charlotte region but we travel throughout North and South Carolina to do classes upon request.

What distinguishes Black Diamond’s classes from others?

We focus on the law and safety. We go over ammunition, gun types, stances, defensive gun use, concealing techniques, personal non-lethal safety tips, etc.  We teach the class from the perspective of private citizens.  We relate our real world experiences to non-traditional shooters.  We encourage open discussion and ensure that everyone has a chance to ask and learn in a safe environment. All of our instructors are certified with the North Carolina Department of Justice to teach conceal carry in North Carolina.

Can we prequalify for the Shooting Qualification?

Yes, in fact we encourage people to do their shooting qualification ahead of time.  If you have never fired a firearm or need a brush up, we recommend first taking our Handgun 1: Fundamentals course. Doing your shooting qualification prior to class is a great way to ensure that you get individualized instruction. We do shooting qualifications at various local indoor ranges.North Carolina requires you shoot 10 shots from 7 yards, 10 shots from 5 yards and 10 shots of 3 yards.  You must hit 7/10 shots at each distance.

Can I bring my child to the class?

Yes, you can bring someone 13 and older to class. We will not charge them to get the information. If you would like for them to shoot they can do so for a nominal fee. There is no age restriction to attend our class but you must be 21 to apply for a North Carolina CCH permit. Of course, if they are old enough to legally conceal carry and wish to obtain their permit, they will need to pay for the class.