Black Diamond is a Black owned, community-based, federally licensed firearms (FFL) dealer based in Charlotte, NC. We offer conceal carry classes for North and South Carolina, basic pistol and rifle training for beginners to experienced shooters.  As a full-service dealer, we provide the opportunity to purchase firearms and accessories used for hunting, home defense and personal protection, and a variety of recreational apparel. We also host educational events and outdoor experiences several times a year for those wanting to go beyond the range experience.


Dreak Byrd

I am very passionate about engaging with people and bringing new skills to our communities. Shooting sports is a great way to help develop trust, discipline and responsibility amongst family members and to bring people together to meet in a safe place with a common mindset.  My goal for Black Diamond is to develop a sense of confidence throughout our communities and become a trusted household name in the Charlotte area and beyond.

Roman Townsend

My appreciation for shooting and initial interest in self-defense goes back to my early childhood years. Black Diamond Firearms and Training has enabled me to honor a long-standing African-American tradition of self-defense and firearms use while building bonds and strength within our communities. The confidence that comes with the knowledge that we have the ability to protect ourselves and each other is immeasurable.