Black Diamond is a Black owned, community-based, federally licensed firearms (FFL) dealer based in Charlotte, NC. We offer conceal carry classes for North and South Carolina, basic pistol and rifle training for beginners to experienced shooters.  As a full-service dealer, we provide the opportunity to purchase firearms and accessories used for hunting, home defense and personal protection, and a variety of recreational apparel. We also host educational events and outdoor experiences several times a year for those wanting to go beyond the range experience.




Co-Founder, Instructor

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Firearms are important to me because they are a part of the reality and history of the system we reside in. They are a tool used in physical protection of self, family, and community. They can be used as tools to feed oneself, family, and community. Both are essential, not to mention they are interwoven with the laws used for sport and recreation. They are an integral part of the structure of the system in which we reside, therefore it is critical that we understand the tool and the rhetoric associated with it so we can move accordingly for self, family, and community. 


Certified Instructor with NRA, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Licensed FFL in NC


Family, Freedom or the business of getting free, and Handling Business are the only hobbies I have. Reading and Studying feed into those. 

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The only group I belong to is my Family and My Community. I am fully dedicated to the progress of us as a people. 

Advice to those who own or are considering owning guns

My advice for firearm ownership would be much the same as my advice for many things. Knowledge is power. When it came to firearms there was so much I thought I knew until I truly started to learn. Because I was not afraid, I equated that with knowing. Acquiring proper knowledgeable understanding is essential. Training and building oneself is essential. There are fundamentals that, once understood, will put you in position to choose properly (for no one can tell you what is a right choice of ownership for you), you can build and critique yourself – which is the true goal of shooting. Also, and most importantly, you can truly be safe, and move accordingly to how you choose to move. 

Strategically; Life is Chess Not Checkers

Survive the Encounter


Co-Founder, Instructor

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The African American community has a rich history with firearms in this country.  We were subjugated due to firearms and in many cases we gained levels of freedom due to firearms. 


NRA Firearms instructor, NRA rifle instructor, NC Concealed Carry instructor 


Chess, Gardening, Cooking, Reading, Recreational Shooting

Favorite Firearms

Saiga 12 gauge, Sig P320, The AR that I built

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US Law Shield, NAAGA

Favorite Books

Malcolm X, Isis Papers, The Kybalion

Advice to those who own or are considering owning guns

Find qualified instructors and practice on your own.  “Don’t train until you get it right, train until you can’t get it wrong.”




With a background in law enforcement and juvenile correction, my love for community motivated me to teach civilians through my business enterprise Milcah Conceal Carry and a partnership with Black Diamond.


NRA Firearms instructor, NRA Certified Basic Pistol, NRS Certified Home Firearm Safety Instructor, NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer, NC & SC Concealed Carry Instructor, nearly 20 year career in law enforcement, Iron Woman Award, Valedictorian from Police Academy at Mitchell College.

Favorite Firearms

AR-15s, Glocks, Shotguns, Ruger, 10-22 Rifles, AK-47s, Remington 870s




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Social Media Marketing, Instructor

I’d been anti-gun for most of my life, and the events of 2020 gave me a reality check that provided me with motivation to learn about guns, gun safety, self defense and practical applications of firearms.

Watch the video on How We Fightregister to vote, I challenge you all to Only Eat Black-Owned for at least a year(I did it and it is very possible!), I support our brothers, sisters, non-binary allies, the LGBTQIA+ community, and any of our true allies.


NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Basic Rifle, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Chief RSO, NCDOJ Certified Instructor for Concealed Carry Handgun, pursuing the same and more in NAAGA certifications.

Favorite Firearms

Springfield XD9, the AR pistol I built, Sig Sauer P365XL, CZ 75B, Tikka T3X Hunting rifle.


I’ve been hunting for deer and bear, got my fishing license, have been a certified beekeeper for the past few years, urban farming, working towards homesteading, reading, studying and practicing Stoicism, starting competitive shooting with USPSA.

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If you are an experienced gun owner, don’t get lazy with safety. If you are new to guns, there is a lot to learn – find what makes it fun for you – the competition, hunting, challenging yourself, getting together with a group – learn and keep training!